A weird thing happened at breaking the other day.  Our teacher was stuck in the snow, on the day when I’d brought along a couple of friends to give it a try.  Being January, there were a few other first-timers there as well.  I felt bad letting my friends down, so I wanted to just show them a few moves so they hadn’t completely wasted their time, but in the end me and my friends (we’ve all been going less than a year and consider ourselves beginners) ended up teaching a whole class!

I think we did all right – Josh did top rock and indian step as a warm up, Steve did some stretching, I did some up-rock and Mark went through a basic freeze and six step.  So it was a real team effort.  That’s quite a lot to take in for your first lesson, but everyone seemed to enjoy it and it gave a taster of what to expect if they keep coming, which hopefully they will.

We were pretty pleased with ourselves afterwards and dubbed ourselves the “Ad Hoc Crew”  (although I think it’s officially spelt “ADD-HOKK”) in honour of our achievement! So sad…

To celebrate here is a picture of me freezing in the very cool hat Mr Beet got me for Christmas (and my taekwondo suit – I’m not a beautician, which is the other group of people who favour the white trouser), don’t I look pleased with myself?


3 thoughts on “Breaking

  1. Aaah Yeeeh, yous know we rockin it.
    A to the dubble D, H O dubble K.

    Sometimes I’m impressed with my levels of streetedness, anyone for cocoa and croquet?

  2. It isn’t called a freeze for nothing young lady, look at those wild legs, what are we, a windmill? You off the heezi grrl. Now FREEZE!

    Good luck to you and your crew when the master returns, beware the invisible bows and arrows. Word to that, daawwwg

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