Had my first pilates class today, in fulfilment of one of my new year’s resolutions.  The idea is that the pilates will improve my core strength and help me get better at tkd.  Also I hope it will improve my posture as I tend to slouch and I’m sure that it’s going to leave me with a bad back in a few years.

It was very, very gentle.  Very slow, slight movements with the emphasis on breathing and pulling your tummy in.  I suppose the idea is that you get the basic principles in place before you start doing anything challenging.  But I’m certainly not going to get a washboard stomach doing what we did today!  I’ve paid for 5 lessons, so we’ll see how we go.


3 thoughts on “Pilates

  1. I’m having two thoughts.

    1 – it’s possible you already have far more impressive core strength than they are used to dealing with, so lesson one is for people who don’t do tkd, acrobatics and breaking the rest of the time.

    2 – you might be in agony the day after!

    • 1. As much as I would like to believe this, whenever we do core work in acrobatics I tend to collapse in a puddle after about 30 seconds.

      2. Still nothing. Another beginner was asking at the start of the class whether she’d be aching the next day and the teacher said no.

      There was one bit where we did a sort of crunch and all the muscles in my tummy started shaking. So if there’s more of that sort of thing then that would be good. I probably just want to run before I can walk.

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