There are instructions on my toothpaste.

I’m hoping it’s an homage to Douglas Adams, who had one of his characters put the whole world in an asylum on finding detailed instructions on a pack of toothpicks.  The alternative is just too disturbing to think about.


One thought on “Hmmm…

  1. Step away from the toothpaste, it’s a trick! If you squeeze from the bottom up then when you open the cap it will squirt everywhere. Or you won’t open the cap because you haven’t been instructed to, and eventually the pressure will build and a minty explosion will wipe you out. And then, with toothpaste everywhere but on your brush, and fearful of Percy Plaque and Dan Decay, you will feel compelled to purchase more = profit for Arm and Hammer. Follow instructions, repeat cycle = profit for Arm and Hammer. Take a stand against this trickery, ditch the paste, get some Tic Tacs.

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