30 Things

In addition to my new year’s resolutions, I am also working my way through a list of 30 things I’m trying to do before I’m 30. 1 1/2 years down (I started when I was 26), 2 1/2 years to go and I’ve done 14 out of 30:

1. Go rock-climbing
2. Go abseiling
3. Get an article published
4. Go to a big arena gig (Kylie at the O2)
5. Go zorbing
6. Go to Notting Hill Carnival
7. Go vegetarian for one month
8. Qualify as a solicitor
9. Go skiing
10. Go surfing
11. Go horse-riding
12. See a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre
13. Go to Glastonbury
14. Learn to break dance

So I’ve still got a lot left to do:

15. Read the top 100 books – to date 55 down 45 to go
16. Watch the top 100 films – to date 71 down 29 to go
17. Do a marathon OR a triathlon – hardest one – I can run about 10k at the moment, aiming to do a half marathon in 2010.
18. Learn a musical instrument
19. Learn to ride the unicycle – I own a unicycle. That’s as far as I’ve got.
20. Learn to rollerblade – I can sort of do it a bit, but want to get better before I tick it off
21. Go scuba diving
22. Paint a picture
23. Go paintballing
24. Take a circus skills class – I go to an acrobatics class at a circus school, but also want to have a go on the trapeze, tight-rope etc
25. Climb a Munro
26. Go on a hot air balloon ride
27. Stretch until I can do the splits
28. Go to Edinburgh Festival
29. Go canoeing OR kayaking Or white water rafting
30. Go paragliding OR parachuting OR bungee jumping – eep!


5 thoughts on “30 Things

  1. I’m right there with you on 30!! Well, you’ll want someone to take a picture of you hurling yourself off a bridge won’t you?

    I want to unicycle, scuba dive (although I nearly did but didn’t dare in case I took a deep breath in through my nose by accident) and… we can have a paint a picture challenge!

    • Yay – let’s have a paint a picture challenge. Although to tick it off the list it’s going to have to be a proper effort – nothing involving pva glue and satsuma peel. Proper paint and everything.

  2. How about we host ourselves a special edition of Watercolour Challenge? – someone can direct us to a suitably scenic spot and stand poised with the stopwatch for the 4 hours.

  3. Hi beetchawawa,

    How far have you got with number 27? I have been training more regularly recently and now I can past 90 degrees again! Small people beware! Hoping to be head kicking soon but not looking good…

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