New Year

I went to watch the fireworks from the Heath – it started snowing about 1 minute to midnight which was exciting as well – although no snow this morning. People were setting off those lanterns – so there was the added frisson of possibly getting your head set on fire.

Right – new year’s resolutions! I don’t bother saying that I’ll give stuff up because that never works, so instead I usually say I’ll try new things. Except at the moment, I’m still pretty over-subscribed with the new things I tried last year. So my resolutions are going to be things to help me get better at my existing hobbies.

Tae kwon do – do the instructor courses.

Breaking – master back spins and baby freezes so they actually look good.

Acrobatics – I used to go on my day off, but since I went back to a 5 day week I haven’t been able to go. So my resolution is to go whenever I can and to practice my bad side cartwheels in my own time.

Running – to make the most of living next to the heath and Greenwich Park on my doorstep and to do a half marathon.

Climbing – I haven’t been climbing in ages, so my resolution is to go a couple of times in January to try to get back into it and to check out the climbing place at London Bridge.

Pilates – pilates is new, I’ve never tried it before. I think improving my core strength will help my other sports. I’ve just signed up for a beginners class starting in January. I had to fill in a form saying what other sports I do. I felt a bit of a fraud putting tkd, breaking and acrobatics – it made me sound like a bit of an all-round action hero. I felt like qualifying it by saying that I’m complete rubbish at 2 out of 3, and not as good as I should be at the third.


4 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Mr Beet says I have to make a new year’s resolution to get a pension. So if I put it on the blog it’s official.

    Rock and roll.

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