Florida Holiday Triple Challenge

I’m off on my hols soon, and venturing outside Europe for the first time to go to Florida. What could be better than sunshine and rollercoasters? Well, sunshine and rollercoasters PLUS a bit of friendly competition. My friend Jo* is also going to Florida a couple of weeks after me (she got so envious when I was telling her about my holiday plans that she promptly booked herself a flight). So we thought we’d spice things up by setting ourselves some challenges.

Challenge 1 – a Test of Character

How many photos can you get of yourself with theme park characters? Rules – not just Disney characters, but anyone dressed up in a silly constume will do. You must be posing with the character (i.e. just sneaking up and getting a photo next to them doesn’t count).

Challenge 2 – a Test of Nerve

Who can come back with a rollercoaster photo in which they look the most composed? Rules – We have nominated that a shortlist of rollercoasters for this – it’s got to be a scary one! You only get one ride and you must purchase and display the official rollercoaster photo no matter how embarrassing.

Challenge 3 – a Test of Guts

Who can order the most American sounding meal? Rules – You must also consume the whole meal – photo evidence of a clean plate required. It can be more than one course, and beverages will also be taken into consideration. While “Americanism” is somewhat subjective, consideration will be given to:

How traditionally American it sounds – i.e. pumpkin pie etc

How exotic it is – i.e. a big mac is pretty American but we have that here so not so interesting. Ideally, it will be something you can’t get over here and are not entirely sure what it is.

Portion size – the bigger the better

Presentation and ambience of restaurant

*I realise that I have now mentioned Jo twice in this blog and have never mentioned anyone else. I do have other friends, honest!

Click here for the results


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