Fitness Trails in London

I recently did the London Rat Race, which involved running between various obstacles or challenges around London. It was really good fun, and thinking ahead to next year I thought that a good way to train for the race would be one of those old-school fitness trails. You know the ones, you sometimes see them in parks where they have different pieces of equipment spread along a route. I’ve never actually seen anyone using one, so I think they’re a bit unfashionable these days.

Anyway, as for most things in life I turned to google for the answer of where my nearest fitness trail was. But I couldn’t find any list of locations, just the occasional reference to a fitness trail here and there. There was someone on the Runner’s World forum having the same problem. So I decided to put together a list of fitness trails in London. I should point out that I have never actually used one of these fitness trails so I am in no way an expert. And the map is pieced together from bits of information here and there, so there may well be inaccuracies and some of the locations might be red herrings. I plan to go and check out some of them in due course, but in the mean time if you have any info then leave a comment and I will update the map.


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